How to buy iphone – How to choose best iphone

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How to buy iphone – How to choose best iphone


Hello friends, welcome to another new post, in this post we will talk about iPhone, I do not need to tell you about what is iPhone because you all know that iPhone is a great quality smartphone. Due to the popularity and high price of iPhone around the world, most people like it. Today, iPhone has made a special identity in the smartphone world. Know that because of which this iPhone is so expensive, people still want to buy it.

Some questions about the iPhone that very few people know?

What is iPhone?

iPhone is a phone made by Apple company, which is made by combining computer iPod digital camera and schedule all features together.

The iPhone works on the iOS system, which is completely different from the operating system of other mobile platforms, Apple company owner Steve Jobs made his own The first iPhone was released in January 2007 in San Francisco, Apple created a panic in the mobile world by launching the iPhone, it was the first phone in which the touch screen interface was introduced, which was a wonder in itself at that time Steve Jobs’s

It was believed that the iPhone is 5 years ahead of its time, know whose features are much more advanced than the rest of the smartphone, since then the touch screen in the mobile had become the most popular in the market, Apple started releasing its first iPhone. In 5 months, 13 million were sold in the market, this number increased to 17 million in 2010, which became a record in the world of smartphones.

In the year 2011, Apple announced that they had sold 100 million iPhones in iPhone stores. in 3 point 2 million The app is available in which there are some free and some tree apps, Apple’s apps are the most downloaded in the world iPhone X is a smartphone but it can also be used as a computer because by putting all the features of the computer in this phone.

It is designed that the Internet enters the fastest in this phone, because of this you will be able to do all the work done from the Internet faster.

It is more secure because all the devices of Apple are given special care of security in this, the direct reason for this is that the device of Apple Apple iPhone does not allow any app to run automatically in it, this makes it impossible for the virus to come. And all personal data remains safe. Apple keeps releasing its iPhone models regularly.

With every new model you will get to see new features and new looks. So far, there have been a total of 21 models of iPhone and the starting price of each model is 40000. or 50000 only after the launch of a new model The price of my mobile is reduced so far the name of the iPhone is

How to buy iphone – How to choose best iphone

iPhone 2G

iphone 3g

iPhone 3GS

iphone 4

iphone 4s

Iphone 5

iphone 5c

iphone 5s

iphone 6

iphone 6 plus

iPhone 6S

iPhone 6S Plus

iphone se

iphone 7

iphone 7 plus

iphone 8

iphone 8 plus

iphone x

iphone xr

iphone xs

iphone xs max

How to buy iphone – How to choose best iphone

Friends, now you will know what is the specialty of the iPhone and what are its benefits, then its first advantage is that Apple is the only company that manufactures the iPhone and with that it also makes the hardware and software running in this device itself, because of this. It has complete control over the hardware software of I Want, which is why the built-in hardware and software capabilities of the iPhone are very good.

How to buy iphone – How to choose best iphone

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